Come create a new creative habit for yourself as part of the Well-being Week's "Hack Your Creativity in an Hour" workshop!

Creativity is useful in studies, everyday life, hobbies as well as in working life. Creativity can be seen as something you’re born with - or wait a minute... Is that really the case?

What if the brain and creativity are like a muscle you can develop through exercising?

In the "Hack Your Creativity in an Hour" workshop, you will improve your understanding of your own creativity and how you can develop your creative thinking through your own actions. During the workshop, you will get familiar with design thinking and develop a new creative habit, as well as a concrete plan, which you can use to teach your brain to adopt this new habit.

By registering in advance by Tuesday 21.11. via the attached link, you can secure your place in the workshop, but you can also join without pre-registration, if there is enough space. 😊 Please register for only one session.

The workshops will be held on Wednesday the 22nd of November in Linnanmaa Tellus' premises as follows:

10-11 Aspire (in Finnish)

11-12 Aspire (in English)

14-15 Horizon (in Finnish)

15-16 Horizon (in English)

Welcome aboard! 😊

The workshop is facilitated by Nina Jackson, PhD researcher in Industrial Engineering and Management. Her research interest is in promoting creativity as part of innovation studies.

Last updated: 14.11.2023