Comprehensive Policy Brief to the EU commission – Roadmap to Decolonial Arctic Research

On June 19, 2023, a collective of non-Indigenous and Indigenous rights holders and engaged scholars, under the shared leadership of the University of Oulu, the Saami Council, the Indigenous Voices Group at UiT and in partnership with several other esteemed organizations across Europe and the Arctic, unveiled the much-anticipated Roadmap to Decolonial Arctic Research. The process was largely funded by the EU-PolarNet 2 under its 2021 call for services.

This pioneering publication tackles the greatest challenges, needs, and potentials of Decolonial Arctic Research, providing a visionary outlook for the next decade. Developed over a span of 14 months through a dynamic, bottom-up and co-creative process, the Roadmap provides 32 concrete recommendations for actions, and a set of best practices to advance and firmly anchor decolonial principles in the Arctic research landscape.

Central to the Roadmap's essence is the objective of promoting decolonial innovation in research practice, programming and funding mechanisms within the Arctic research landscape. By championing inclusive approaches, this groundbreaking publication seeks to transcend traditional paradigms, ensuring more equal and just ways in which Arctic research is conducted and research programs and funding processes are conceived, fostering equitable engagement with lndigenous communities and honoring Indigenous knowledge systems.

The Roadmap provides a mechanism for implementing the European Polar Research agenda and the EU White paper on stakeholder engagement in Arctic research.

This momentous launch represents a significant stride toward cultivating a more equitable and inclusive research landscape in the Arctic. We encourage the entire research community to embrace the principles outlined in the Roadmap, and together, embark on a journey of meaningful change in Arctic research.

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For more information:
Thora Herrmann (Biodiverse Anthropocenes)
Kirsi Latola (EU-PolarNet2)

Last updated: 22.6.2023