The Coolest Teacher Award to Eetu-Pekka Heikkinen

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) has awarded the Coolest Teacher award to Eetu-Pekka Heikkinen, a lecturer in process metallurgy. The award is given annually based on student nominations.
The Coolest Teacher Award to Eetu-Pekka Heikkinen.

Heikkinen, a seasoned educator, passionately guides undergraduate and master's thesis projects. According to students, Heikkinen is recognised for his versatile teaching methods, continuous course development, and personalised support for students. Heikkinen also receives praise for his excellent collaboration with students, flexible course arrangements, and contributions to the overall development of the faculty.

In addition to the Coolest Teacher award, honorary academic decorations were awarded at the annual ball to those who have contributed to the students’ good life. This year, Anssi Tossavainen and Tiina Strand were recognized with the first class medal for their long-standing commitment to roles in Pohjois-Suomen opiskelija-asuntosäätiö (PSOAS), among other activities. Suvi-Anna Salminen also received the first class medal. Salminen was the chair of OYY's board in 2023. Nominations for the honorary academic decorations come from organisations within OYY, and the awards are granted by the Student Union's board.

The awards were handed out on 24th of February at the Annos 64 anniversary celebrations.

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Last updated: 26.2.2024