Current issues of Electronic Examination system

Current issues of Electronic Examination system (EXAM)
  • Students' Electronic Examination instructions can be found in The instruction page is common for students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences and students of University of Oulu.

  • Students must stay in the Examinarium for 30 minutes after they have started completing the exam. Breaking this rule causes failing the exam and/or suspect of cheating.

  • Always remember to perform paper exams on your own campus. If not, answer papers will not be automatically sent to your teacher.

  • It might not be possible to keep safety gaps in the Examinariums. Please use mask. Face masks and hand disinfectant are available in the Examinariums. O.B.! Identify yourself to the video cameras by taking off your mask for a while when entering the Examinarium!

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Last updated: 14.2.2022