Decisions for DigiHealth NRI funding

The Profi5 theme DigiHealth opened an internal call for the New Re-search Initiatives (NRI) funding in February 2021. The funding decisions have been made by a selection panel.

The NRI call was closed at 30th of March and a total of 27 proposals was submitted. The proposals were highly multidisciplinary and covered all the subthemes of the DigiHealth. To ensure the neutrality of the evaluation and avoid the conflict of interests, a call-specific selection panel of 10 senior/professor level researchers from different disciplines was recruited. The panel also included an external expert of Digital Health recruited outside from the University of Oulu.

The evaluation and ranking by the selection panel was based on novelty, feasibility, multidisciplinarity, and the potential of the proposal to attract future multinational funding, e.g., from Horizon Europe. Based on the evaluations by the panel, the following five proposals, supporting multiple research themes of the DigiHealth, were selected for funding (40 000 € / project):

Assist.Prof. Miguel Bordallo Lopez and Prof. Jouni Jaakkola: Video-based data-driven Health for Respiratory Assistive diagnosis (ViHReA)

Prof. Juha Röning and Prof. Jarmo Reponen: Risks, security requirements and healthcare (RiSeHe)

Prof. Jari Iinatti and Prof. Juha-Jaakko Sinikumpu: Wireless monitoring system for real-time detection of potential displacement of the bone fracture (FRACTURE)

Prof. Miika Nieminen and Assist.Prof. Erkki Harjula: Edge computing for radiological image analysis and diagnostic decision-making

Prof. Marja-Liisa Laitala, Adj.Prof. Anssi Mäkynen and Assist.Prof. Jaakko Suutala: Application of machine learning for risk assessment and a preliminary treatment path recommendation for dental diseases

Last updated: 21.5.2021