Delays in processing on-shelf requests

Due to the large number of requests made at the beginning of semesters, the book can often be obtained faster by picking it up directly from the shelf yourself instead of making an on-shelf request.

Library users can make on-shelf requests in Oula-Finna for materials available in the library. Requests are processed on a daily basis, but processing times may be longer especially at the beginning of semester when there are a lot of requests. Often the book can be obtained faster by picking it up from the shelf yourself.

The requested books on the library shelf are freely available to all patrons before the on-self request has been processed by the library clerk. Thus, an on-self request for a book does not prevent a patron on site at the library from borrowing the book.

You will be notified by e-mail when the material you have requested can be picked up on the requested items shelf. Requests on the requested items shelf are arranged in alphabetical order according to the patron's surname. Please remember to borrow the requested book.

Last updated: 10.1.2023