Did you know that remote desktops allow you to use university-licensed software?

The university's remote desktop servers offer many specialized software and discipline-specific software to students, researchers, and staff.
Remote desktop software can be used not only on university workstations and laptops, but also on your own devices on campus and at home. Their use is free for you, so this benefit is worth taking advantage of!

nainen istuu sängyllä, kuuntelee kuulokkeilla ja kirjoittaa laptopilla

Remote servers and the software used through them are listed in the instruction: Remote Desktops (UO) (oulu.fi).

Usually for remote desktop use, you need VPN and remote desktop connection programs, but you can access the AVD remote desktop with just a web browser. See here how to install the necessary programs:

As a student, you can install some university-licensed programs on your own device free of charge or for a fee. Read more about them: Software for students use | University of Oulu.

Last updated: 14.9.2023