Easy fix for Android phone MFA problem

Some Android phones have run into problems since the introduction of the MFA. Problems occur randomly and do not appear to be related to specific phone models or users. In case of problem, the phone requires login to the O365 service, the synchronization of emails and calendar does not work and one can't use Teams either.

Mobile phone

Error message

The error message contains the University of Oulu logo and under it the text in English or Finnish:

An error occurred. Contact your administrator for more information.


Ilmeni virhe. Ota yhteyttä järjestelmänvalvojaan, jos haluat lisätietoja.


As a rule, the problem has been fixed by deleting the university user account from the phone settings.

You can fix the problem yourself this way:

Settings > Accounts > delete the university account (@univ.yo.oulu.fi or @student.oulu.fi).

  • If these actions do not help, check if your university account also appears as Work Account or as Office. Remove both.
Last updated: 3.12.2021