Entrance exams on the Linnanmaa campus 23.5.-10.6.2022

The entrance exams for new students at the university start on Monday 23 May and continues until June 10. Entrance exams are carried out in the way before the coronary pandemic, following the instructions of the health authorities.
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There will be the busiest exam days based on the number of applicants:

- 24.5. exams in the fields of medicine and dentistry

- 27.5. most of the exams in the field of education

- 31.5. DIA entrance exams in the fields of technology

- 7.6. exam in the field of business

Entrance exams schedule 2022 (in Finnish)

In this joint application period, about 70 percent of new students are selected based on their student certificates. Applicants will be notified of the selection in the My Study Path online service by 30 May 2022.


Parking supervision on the Linnanmaa campus will be suspended for both the university and the polytechnic's parking areas during the exam days. There may be less parking space in Linnanmaa than usual during the entrance exam weeks.

In the parking areas of other operators in the Linnanmaa area, parking supervision will continue as normal, as will supervision of public street sections and off-road parking.

Last updated: 20.5.2022