Erasmus & teaching visit

Senior Lecturer Dr. Raghawendra Sisodia from the University of Miskolc, Department of Structural Integrity, visited the University of Oulu, Materials and Mechanical Engineering (MME) Unit at the end of April for one week.

His short visit was covered by the Erasmus teaching program. During this visit, Dr. Sisodia held 8 hours of lectures for Ph.D. and postdoctoral researchers. His lecture was contained the following research topics, which were quite in line with the MME research interests:

  1. HAZ Characterization and weldability of advanced high strength steels (AHSSs)
  2. Physical simulation of AHSS (structural steels and DP steels)
  3. Electron beam welding of high strength structural steels
  4. Laser beam welding of automotive steels

The lectures were very fruitful for the MME young researchers as it was related to the nowadays welding challenges of advanced steels. Besides the educational topics, it was a great opportunity to discuss common research ideas and future collaborations between the two research institutes. During the laboratory visit, Dr. Sisodia was really interested in the Gleeble simulator machine and microstructure characterization techniques, as these could be complementary activities with what they are doing in Miskolc.

Last updated: 2.5.2022