EU-PolarNet 2 Newsletter

The March edition of the quaterly EU-PolarNet 2 newsletter is now available.
Newsletter content:

News from EU-PolarNet 2

  • The second EU-PolarNet 2 Service Call is open!
  • ‘Catalogue of national Polar programmes and other large-scale programmes’ and ‘Directory of Polar research funding programmes in Europe’

EU Polar Cluster News

Partner highlights on polar research

  • Research programme into Antarctic tourism
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed between Spain and Turkey
  • The Sixth Turkish Antarctic Expedition (TAE-VI)
  • The 5th Polar Science Workshop & The 2nd Polar Science Festival
  • New RV Belgica enhances Belgian marine polar research
  • Webinar: The new EU Arctic Policy and Research and Innovation
  • The Southern Ocean on Europe’s shores - climate impacts, sea level rise, and the marine environment
  • Greenland Integrated Observing System (GIOS)
  • World's largest fish breeding area discovered in Antarctica
  • Reactivation of the Polish A.B. Dobrowolski Polar Station in the Bunger Hills Oasis, East Antarctica.

Highlights of Polar programmes:

  • A glimpse on the Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
  • A glimpse on Bulgarian Antarctic Institute
  • A glimpse on the Faroe Marine Research Institute
  • A glimpse on the Netherlands Polar Programme
  • A glimpse on the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

Upcoming events

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Last updated: 31.3.2022