Extended call for applications: Special Course on Scenario Development for Smart Cities

We are pleased to announce a special course on Scenario Development for Smart Cities, jointly organized by the University of Oulu/Oulu Business School and Ruhr University Bochum. This course is designed for Master's students interested in exploring the future of smart cities and the role of scenario development in scientific methods.

The course consists of two remote workshops with students from Ruhr University Bochum and a visit to Bochum in September for all students. The program also includes developing qualitative scenarios for the Smart City initiative in Bochum from the point of view of Oulu and developing concrete action plans for the city based on these scenarios.

Students will be given guidance from the 6G Flagship project and the city of Oulu to plan the smart city agenda. Regular meetings with supervisors from Oulu Business School will be scheduled by individual arrangement, and participants will organize their work meetings themselves. In addition, students are required to return a final report to pass the course. The final report will describe the future scenarios for the city of Bochum and the concrete action plans based on those scenarios highlighting the possibilities enabled by 6G and other technologies.

To participate in this special course, you must be enrolled in a Master's program in the University of Oulu and have a strong interest in smart city development and scenario development. You should also be able to communicate fluently in English. Participants are offered 6 ECTS for the course.

Summer School in Bochum

In addition to the special course, a Summer School in Bochum will take place in 11.9.-15.9.2023. The scenarios and action plans developed in the course will be presented there. The visit in Bochum is five days long and participants are required to attend the summer school to pass the course. In order to be selected for the course, students must agree to participate in the summer school.


All selected students are eligible for Erasmus+ short term blended mobility grants for the Summer School in Bochum to cover travel costs. The selected students will be contacted directly by International Mobility Services on how to apply for the Erasmus+ grant, and what documentation is required by the Erasmus+ program. The Erasmus+ grant is 70 € per day and the grant can also be paid for two travel days (i.e., for 5 days + 2 travel days the grant is in total 490 €). The grant is paid directly to the students before the trip.

In case a student chooses to travel sustainably to the host destination (one way or return), i.e., by land (train, bus, commute by car), they are eligible for a green travel top-up grant of 50 € (lump sum) and the daily grant can also be paid for a maximum of 6 travel days depending on the actual number of days spent traveling to and/or from the host institution. Please contact joona.lohtander@oulu.fi in case of further questions regarding the Erasmus+ grant.

Application Process

To apply for the course, please submit a motivation letter of up to 500 words, explaining your interest and motivation for taking this course, your relevant background and experience, and how you hope to benefit from the program. Please include your full name and study program.

The extended deadline for applications is 6.4.2023. Successful applicants will be notified by 10.4.2023.

We look forward to receiving your applications and working together to explore the future of smart cities.

Please send your application and/or any questions by email to:

Joona Lohtander,

Oulu Business School, joona.lohtander@oulu.fi

Last updated: 3.4.2023