Get to know companies at the new Career Centre Company Hub!

Are you looking for an internship or job, or do you want to explore which companies are interested in your skills? Sign up for the new Career Centre Company Hub and get to know over 200 companies!

The Career Centre Company Hub is a new platform located in the Moodle environment, where you can get acquainted with the activities and career opportunities of more than 200 companies. The hub features detailed descriptions of the companies, contact information, links to companies’ recruitment pages and videos.

At the Hub you can find out about the companies that could match your career plans or thesis subject and discover what kinds of expertise the companies are looking for. The companies’ recruitment pages provide you with valuable information about open internships and jobs. In addition, we hope that the hub will help you identify companies operating in your field of study as well as provide ideas and focus for building employer networks.

By clicking on the logos in the logo grid on the front page of the hub, you can open a company-specific view and get to know the companies in more detail. You can find the right companies for your field of study easily by utilising the Faculty Division file, where we have listed the companies by faculty.

How to join the Career Centre Company Hub:

1) In the Moodle environment, search for Career Centre Company Hub 1 and 2

2) Log in with your Haka credentials and enrollment key "job"

If you have any questions about logging in, please come and ask the Career Centre for help. Please note that the hub is not a course, but a platform built into the Moodle environment.

Please note: The instructions for joining the Hub have been updated on 20th March 2023.

More information:

Angela Suorsa and Krista Rekilä, fistname.lastname(at)

Last updated: 20.3.2023