Get to know intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights (IPR) may seem distant in the university context. But we are all dealing with them every day.

We produce and use copyrighted works (e.g. computer programs, figures, databases, texts, videos). In addition, research and students make inventions that can be patented and thus be seeds to new businesses.

This autumn, the University Innovation Centre will arrange several IPR training sessions. Come and learn new information that is important part of working life skills.

In Finnish: Kuka omistaa IPR:n? 26.8. (1 h)
In English: Who owns the IPR? 2.9. (1 h)
In English: Learn to use PatSeer Explorer - patent database 22.9. (1,5h)
In English: IP rights and Research 4. - 7.10. (total 7.5 h) *
In Finnish: Milloin ja miksi patentoida? 18.10. (1 h)
In English: Patenting - when and why? 21.10. (1 h)
In English: Researcher, teacher, student – Get to know copyrights 7.11. (total 6 h) *
In Finnish: Patenttitietokantojen hyödyntäminen tutkimuksessa 23. - 24.11. (yht. 7 h) *

*) You can get credits from the course.

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Last updated: 25.8.2021