Give ideas and answer to the online survey targeted to preparation of University of Oulu’s Arctic strategy

The preparation for University of Oulu’s Arctic strategy was launched on January 28th, 2022. As part of the process the first step is to assess the university´s current status and opportunities in research and education related to the arctic and to identify main areas for further development.

For this purpose an open online survey has been created and will be used for basis for the strategy work, therefore the input from the whole university personnel is important for making sure that all Arctic and Northern activities, collaborations and cooperation are included. Only then it is possible to make a strategy that will benefit the whole university.

The Arctic strategy for the University of Oulu will support university’s strategy for the 2020’s. It will set targets and practical tasks for future work as well as measures for the activities. The strategy will take advantage of the possibilities for multidisciplinary approaches and the expertise in all fields of the University of Oulu.

Information and comments from the university community for the university’s Arctic strategy are now requested via this form/link

by February 14th, 2022.

We are situated close to the Arctic region, humanity’s new frontier. The demanding conditions of the far north have always forced people to be inventive and resourceful, and many innovations that have changed the world have their roots here. At the University of Oulu, we call this Science with Arctic attitude. The research done at the University of Oulu benefits people living at all latitudes, but as one of the Northernmost international science universities, we have a particular responsibility toward questions related to the Arctic.

Last updated: 1.2.2022