H2FUTURE programme represented Finland and University of Oulu at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam

H2FUTURE research programme was at the heart of the most current innovations and cooperations in the field of hydrogen world-wide - at the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition in Rotterdam 2024 in May.
World Hydrogen Summit Finland stand

We have had the honor of representing Finland and the University of Oulu at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam in May, showcasing our leadership in the hydrogen economy. Finland is emerging as a global hub for green hydrogen innovation, with the northern City of Oulu at the forefront. At the Summit Filipp Temerov, Coordinator of H2FUTURE took the role of ambassador of our northern hydrogen hub and our research programme in Rotterdam making new connections.

Oulu is a prime location for hydrogen technology investments, recognized as a hydrogen hub in northern Finland. Our dynamic city offers vast opportunities for businesses and researchers dedicated to advancing the hydrogen economy.

The University of Oulu has a big role as we are advancing and supporting green transition, driving cutting-edge research and fostering innovation. Our profilation7 programme (2023-2028) H2FUTURE is dedicated to facilitate green hydrogen transition in Finland and across Europe. This initiative is funded by Research Council of Finland and it underscores our commitment to sustainable energy solutions from a research perspective.

To support us, we have an amazing cooperation in The Hydrogen Research Forum Finland H2FINLAND, that is a vital platform for Finnish university cooperation, facilitating the green hydrogen transition through collaborative efforts and shared knowledge. Multidisciplinary, international cooperation is the key to move us closer to clean energy transition.

Last updated: 18.6.2024