The Hanging Garden flower binding exhibition at the Botanical Garden of the University of Oulu from 13 to 18 October

At the Botanical Garde University of Oulu you can admire OSAO´s florist and florist master students' flower binding works at The Hanging Garden exhibition from 13 to 18 October.

The exhibition exhibits 15 elaborate works, the design and implementation of which students have been responsible for the supervision of full-time florist teacher Pasi Kivilompolo. The Hanging Garden is now taking place for the third time.

“Flower binding works and a rich variety of plants offer to watch and experience for the whole family. The exhibition exhibits ideary-rich, colourful and perhaps somewhat surprising works,” says the father of The Hanging Garden idea, full-time florist teacher Pasi Kivilompolo from OSAO.

The idea for the exhibition is based on the seven wonders of ancient Greece, one of which was the hanging gardens of Babylon. In addition, students have had to take into account sustainability and ecology and the vegetation zones offered by the botanical garden from all over the globe in the planning of the works.

The exhibition is free of charge and open from 13 to 18 October from 10:00 to 4pm at Kaitoväylä 5, 90570 Oulu. Exhibitions have been popular in previous years and this year the exhibition time has been extended.

Last updated: 7.10.2022