Happy new year and beginning of the spring semester from UniOGS!

Last year, 187 new doctors graduated from the University of Oulu. Congratulations to all the new doctors and their supervisors! We also wish good luck and success to those currently working on their doctoral theses.

UniOGS staff has partly changed at the beginning of the year, and therefore we would like to start the new year by introducing ourselves and explaining our areas of responsibility.

Each doctoral researcher belongs to one of four doctoral programmes (below), which are led by Doctoral Programme Committees. Each Doctoral Programme Committee has a Coordinator working in UniOGS, who assists applicants, doctoral researchers, and supervisors throughout the doctoral process:

  • Human Sciences: D.Sc. Elina Pernu, 0294 482893
  • Technology and Natural Sciences: PhD Niina Timosaari-Hyry, 0294 482889
  • Health and Bio Sciences: PhD Heli Ruotsalainen, 0294 487411
  • Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: PhD Teemu Pennanen, 0294 487429

In addition, one Coordinator helps all doctoral researchers in preparing for pre-examination:

  • Pre-examination phase: PhD Karita Saravesi, 0294 482924

Doctoral programmes organize field specific doctoral training and other events to its doctoral researchers. Questions related to courses and events organized by the doctoral programmes can be sent to the responsible coordinator:

  • Human Sciences: PhD Janne Kurtakko, 0294487001
  • Technology and Natural Sciences: D.Sc. Riitta Kamula, 0294483566
  • Health and Bio Sciences: PhD Emmi Alakärppä, 0294487424
  • Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: D.Sc. Mirjami Jutila, 0294482833

Our team also includes two Education Assistants who help doctoral researchers and supervisors, e.g., with study rights and course credits:

  • Human Sciences & Technology and Natural Sciences: Eija Jussila, 0294487482
  • Health and Bio Sciences & Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: Paula Hattunen, 0294484197

UniOGS also helps and supports units as they develop doctoral training. In addition to the Coordinators, Solution Designer, PhD Marjukka Käsmä (0294487268) assists in development work.

The easiest way to contact us is by emailing uniogs(at)oulu.fi.

Any questions regarding the Conferment Ceremony 2024, please contact Project manager Salla Rahikkala or Solution Designer Kaisa Harju: conferment.ceremony(at)oulu.fi.

As the director of the Graduate School, I sincerely hope you will contact us if you have questions or concerns!

With kind regards, Annu Perttunen

Last updated: 25.1.2024