HI Data Forum event dives into learning in the world of AI and Epistemic Network Analysis

Welcome to Hybrid Intelligence Data Forum event on 22nd of January at LeaF, University of Oulu. The event consist of Leverhulme Lecture and Workshop by professor David Williamson Shaffer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US.
Professor David Williamson Shaffer smiling

Hybrid Intelligence Data Forum and LeaF proudly present the second Data Forum event with a guest lecturer, Professor David Williamson Shaffer.


10-11.30: Leverhulme Lecture: Understanding Learning in the World of AI by David Shaffer
13-15.30: Leverhulme Workshop on Epistemic Network Analysis by David Shaffer

Professor Shaffer’s Ph.D. is from the Media Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he has been a teacher, teacher-trainer, curriculum developer, and game designer. Professor Shaffer’s current work focuses on unifying statistical, qualitative, and critical methods to construct fair models of complex and collaborative human activity.

His most recent book, Quantitative Ethnography, launched a field that incudes scholars from anthropology, cognitive science, computer science, education, engineering, environmental science, game design, geography, history, human–computer interaction, learning analytics, learning sciences, linguistics, medicine, psychology, robotics, sociology, and statistics.

The event is mainly aimed for PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers. Registration is open until Sunday 21.1.2024. Register here.

Last updated: 11.1.2024