How can human emotions and behavior be understood from the data and algorithm aspect? HI Lights -seminar on May 29 at Tellus Stage is open for all!

Hybrid Intelligence research programme organizes HI Lights seminar that dives into the ways human emotions and behavior can be understood from the data and algorithm aspect. Sounds interesting? You can still sign up for the next week's seminar!
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HI Lights Seminar: Achieving Hybrid Intelligence from the data and algorithm aspect

International expert keynote speakers come from multidisciplinary backgrounds, including human-computer interaction, machine vision, the co-evolutionary processes of humans and machines, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, and computer vision and AI.

Warmly welcome!

Coffee and lunch will be provided at the event.

Wed 29.5.2024 8.30-15.00

University of Oulu, Tellus Stage, Linnanmaa campus

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Last updated: 27.5.2024