Interested in global sustainable development? Register for courses offered by UNIPID

UniPID is a network of Finnish universities that supports interdisciplinary studies and research, as well as societal impact and partnerships of universities related to global sustainable development.

UniPID represents nine internationally acclaimed Finnish universities, including the University of Oulu. UniPID aims to offer equal opportunities for students to learn about global development and sustainability, with a specific focus on Global South perspectives.

UNIPID now offers courses that you can apply for. You can include part of the UNIPID studies in the Sustainable Development minor at the University of Oulu. Check which courses belong to the minor here before you register.

Enroll in UniPID Virtual Studies. All courses (5 ECTS) are held in English and are free of charge for students atthe University of Oulu. The following courses are available now for registration:

Global Education Development. DL: 18 January 2024

Globalisation and Corporate Responsibility. DL: 25 February 2024

Good Governance, the Rule of Law and Religious Freedom as Approaches to Sustainable Development in the Global South. DL: 28 February 2024

Also, the following workshop is available for master's students:

Master’s workshop 2024: Navigating the Road to Completion
UNIPID welcomes master’s students to participate in this master's thesis workshop organized as part of the Development Days Conference 2024. 

Date: 15 February 2024

Time: 12:45 - 15:30

Location: University of Helsinki & Online (The exact location will be confirmed to the registered students close to the workshop date)

Find more information and register here before 21 January 2024

Also, the following workshop is available for PhD researchers:

Development Days DocShop 2024: How to make an impact? Research-based policymaking and advocacy
UNIPID welcomes PhD researchers to reflect on the connections between research and policymaking and advocacy processes, thus highlighting the importance of research impact.

Date: 14 February 2024

Time: 13:30-16.00

Location: University of Helsinki and online. (The room will be confirmed to the participants later via email).

Find more information and register here before 10 February 2024.

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