Internationalization and partnership network for future success

-It was very useful to carry out a visit together with the town of Nivala, the Nivala Industrial Park, the regional business development organization and the University of Oulu, the Kerttu Saalasti Institute. In the workshop with the Business School of Vilnius University, a number of project ideas were created and they will be worked out. Even during the trip, we were able to reflect new ideas already, says professor Matti Muhos, director of Kerttu Saalasti Institute.

Kaisa Liinamaa, managing director of Nivala Industrial Park says, that the importance of internationalization and the discovery of suitable collaborators is one of the key learnings from the trip.

- Internationalization and partnership network are indispensable for future success. We can learn from the fact that by cooperation even small actors can succeed among big ones. By our smart specialization we are an attractive partner, the Chairman of the Board of Industrial village Jarmo Vuolteenaho continues.

-The active collaboration of network partners gives strength to the Nivala town. This makes us stronger. It is also important for the future to build international partnerships, says mayor Päivi Karikumpu.

-The international cooperation network between universities can also serve as a gateway for our regions ' businesses. For example, through the participation of universities joint research projects, companies can find new business partners and joint business opportunities, Toni Krankkala, managing director of the regional development agency says.

-The basis for cooperation is trust. For several years now, we have been working in the same project with Vilnius University School of Economics. Their emphasis on family entrepreneurship and microentrepreneurship as our core provide a good basis for closer cooperation, says development manager Eija-Riitta Niinikoski.

-We can learn from one another. The success of the trip also told us that both university departments opened their own networks for co-operation and we were able to bring forward concrete proposals for further work, Niinikoski tells.

Last updated: 24.11.2021