It’s still possible to register for summer studies!

Are you planning summer studies? Check out the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia's courses.

If you have planned to study during the summer now is the right time to enroll to the courses in The Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia. Check out the courses and register at the summer university’s website. The Summer University does not charge course fees for summer studies completed by those University of Oulu’s undergraduate students who have included the studies in their personal study plan.

Also, the summer courses organized by the Open University of Oulu are free of charge for the undergraduate students of the University of Oulu who have enrolled as present. There can be some limitations about the number of undergraduate students accepted to the summer studies. Check out the summer studies 2021 here.

The summer studies offered by the faculties and library of the University of Oulu can be found from the summer school 2021 -website.

Last updated: 10.5.2021