Jurita form has been discontinued

Data on the publications and other research activities of the staff of the University of Oulu, as well as on scientific conferences organized by the university’s research units are collected in the new OuluCRIS research information system.

You can submit your publication information and add files for self-archiving directly in the OuluCRIS research information system.

Please send publications to be published in University of Oulu publication series and doctoral theses to be published outside the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis to: openpublishing@oulu.fi. Further information is available from the same address.

For the moment OuluCRIS is only in in-house use at the university.

Further information on OuluCRIS in Patio (access to this website for university staff only).

Help: oulucris@oulu.fi.

In self-archiving matters: openpublishing@oulu.fi.

Last updated: 27.1.2023