Kick-off project meeting to strengthening circumpolar network in Arctic health research

The UArctic Thematic Network on Health and Well-being in the Arctic (TN) is one of the oldest and still actively growing network with increasing activities, such as Master's and PhD courses. The TN has received funding from UArctic for the project titled “Strengthening circumpolar network in Arctic health research through mentorship, education and research activities”.

The project is led by Professor Christina VL Larsen in collaboration with a broad network of different health and well-being researchers in the Arctic. With this project we would like to strengthen the Thematic Network for Health and Well-being by creating more opportunities for collaboration within the TN. We propose to host yearly networking meetings for TN-members, leading health researchers in Arctic research and relevant non-UArctic partners beginning in Spring 2024. Subsequently the yearly meetings will be held in connection with Arctic conferences with a health component. The meetings will serve as a platform to set overall priorities and strengthen collaboration in Circumpolar health research. This will provide an opportunity to create more subgroups to enhance relevant collaboration and activity within the TN. Currently there are three existing sub-groups, namely One Health, Healthy Ageing, and Circumpolar Maternal and Child Health. Furthermore, we will work to create more opportunities for young researchers and Indigenous scholarship by launching a mentorship program with opportunities for internships, knowledge exchange and collaboration with experienced researchers in Circumpolar health and education.

You are welcome to reach out to the TN Vice-Lead and project coordinator Chrsitine Ingemaan if you have questions or suggestions that can enrich the project (

Last updated: 23.8.2023