Master’s student, do you want to take your study skills to the next level and develop your self-knowledge? Apply for the Power Up Your Learning group coaching in Autumn 2022!

The Power Up Your Learning coaching is aimed for the students at the University of Oulu who want to increase their self-knowledge, develop their study skills, identify their learning styles, and improve their interaction skills.

As part of the coaching, al the participants receive a personal Insights Discovery profile, which is created based on a self-assessment form filled in by the participants. The profile helps you to better understand your learning preferences and improves your self-awareness, and it can be very beneficial for you when communicating about yourself, your strengths and interpersonal skills when applying an internship or a job, for example.

The coaching includes three group meetings with the coach, during which cover a variety of topics based on the group member’s needs.

The coaching is particularly suitable for you if you:

· are a first or a second year Master’s student,

· want to learn more about your own learning preferences and improve your self-awareness,

· want to increase your sense of control over your studies and your own work,

· want to examine your own stress factors and learn to manage stress better,

· need clarity about the meaning of your studies and your vision, as well as your goals for the future.

The coaching takes place in face-to-face meetings, and you must be able to attend the coaching days to be accepted. Please note, that if you will be accepted for the coaching, the registration is binding. Participation is free of charge.

The coaching days are:

14.10. at 9-16, Tellus Linnanmaa Frost Club

3.11. 9-12, Tellus Linnanmaa Frost Club

22.11. 9-12, Tellus Linnanmaa Frost Club

You can apply for the coaching via this application form by 21.9. 23:59pm.

Based on the applications we will select 20 participants for whom we consider the coaching to be the most suitable.

The coaching is organized in cooperation with the Talent Boost project of the University of Oulu and Voima Valmennus oy. If you have any questions regarding the coaching or applying, you can contact solution designer Niina Marostenmäki, niina.marostenmaki(at), who works for the Talent Boost project.

Moe information about the coaching method and the coach:

Insights Discovery is a powerful preference-based learning system which increases your self-awareness and understanding others. With foundations in the work of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery helps you to develop your interpersonal skills and supports personal growth. As a part of the 3-day program you will receive an Insights Discovery Personal Profile which helps you to gain a detailed understanding of your personal style and how it impacts your relationships, your learning, your teamwork and even your personal environment.

Your facilitator Anu Autio is one of the most experienced Insighs Partner in Finland with over 17 years of experience. Anu uses Insights Discovery with organizations to develop teamwork, leadership and change management, to increase personal effectiveness and to boost sales and customer service.

Last updated: 7.9.2022