MFA has been set in use for student accounts

Today, 27th October Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) has been set for all the university student and so-called UFO accounts which have not use it yet.

The independent introduction of the multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been possible for the university's Microsoft i.e. O365 accounts by 26th October.

On Wednesday, 27th October, ICT Services of the university have connected MFA to all those user accounts which have not used MFA yet. An attempt is made to prevent the abuses of user accounts with this action and thus to improve the information security of the whole university.

When logging in to the services which use O365 login name, you are now required to verify the sign-in on your own telephone. You have chosen an authentication method suitable to yourself and saved the needed information in the security info of your MS account. If you have not done it beforehand, you will be directed at the sign-in stage to make it. Without the authentication method, you are not able to log in to the O365 services outside the network or VPN connection of the university.

If you have questions or problem situations in connection with the use of MFA, contact the MFA support by either visiting MFA pop-up support points or by telephoning MFA support line.

The students and users of the so-called UFO accounts have been informed about the introduction of MFA with two e-mail messages, with several notices on the WWW pages of ICT Services and the university's For Students pages and in Tuudo.

Last updated: 27.10.2021