Momentum's online events starting in English!

Momentum provides high-quality career services for highly educated job seekers and university students in Northern Finland. Our first events held in English are just a few days away - starting on Monday! All of our services are free of charge.

We’ll be kicking off our services in English with two introductory webinars: the first one about Finding Jobs in Finland (May 10th) and the second about Proactive Job seeking (May 11th). Both of these webinars can also be found later as recordings on Momentum's website.

Check out our site and subscribe, there's a lot more to come in the autumn and over the following years!

On Wednesday May 19th we'll introduce afternoon career training for university students, and well, as we are online for the time being - for anyone interested! The opening event is titled LinkedIn as a Career Management Tool, and will be presented by Finland's leading social media expert Tom Laine.

In June we continue with an online workshop, where we collaboratively create effective action plans for job seekers. This Plan to Succeed in Proactive Job Seeking workshop will take place on Wednesday June 2nd.

You will find all of our upcoming events and the registration forms here.

Last updated: 10.5.2021