MOT Dictionaries will be run down at the end of 2021 – use the service ‘MOT Kielipalvelu’ instead

The old service MOT Sanakirjasto (i.e. MOT Dictionaries) will completely run down at the end of an ongoing year. You already have the access to its substitute called MOT Kielipalvelu. This service on the platform includes tools familiar from the old MOT.

The dictionaries in MOT Sanakirjat cover both general language vocabulary and specialist terminology, for example from the fields of medicine, technology, commerce, economics, and law. In addition to dozens of dictionaries, MOT Kielipalvelu contains MOT Translator (translations between 40 languages) as well as MOT Proofing (proofreading and spell checker of English, Finnish, Swedish, German and French). Learn more about the contents of the service.

How can I access the MOT Kielipalvelu?

Students and staff members can request a login link to the service for remote access as follows:

  • Navigate to
  • Choose your organisation from the list and enter the email address you use in your organisation, then click “Get a login link”.
  • Click the link in the email you receive.
  • Set a password for your account so you will be able to login to the service with all your devices – whenever and wherever.

Video instructions are also available.

When you are logged in to your account, the service can be accessed from Within the university and Oamk network, you can access the service without logging in.

Please note! All previous dictionaries have been moved to the new service where the customer does not have to search for words from any particular dictionary. The user only needs to select a language pair (e.g. English-Finnish-English) and type in a search word. The service recognizes the language, i.e. you can enter the languages ​​of the selected language pair in the search field.

Last updated: 16.11.2021