New academy projects at the University of Oulu for research in science and technology

The Research Council for Natural Sciences and Technology of the Academy of Finland has granted four-year funding to the University of Oulu for 15 research projects.
Oulun yliopistoon uusia akatemiahankkeita luonnontieteiden ja tekniikan tutkimukseen

In the funding decisions, the Research Council put particular emphasis on scientific quality, novelty, breakthrough potential and feasibility. Several of the funded projects will also make use of international infrastructures or research programmes in which Finland is a member. The funded projects promise extensive societal impact and many of them aim to produce partial solutions to challenges related to sustainable development.

The quality of project applications addressed to the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering has been improving every year. In this round, all funded Academy Project applications received a rating of 5 or 6 in the scientific review.

In one of the funded projects, Pekka Kyösti from the 6G Flagship is studying the propagation of radio waves on frequencies above 100 GHz. The research will include developing measurement systems, conducting radio channel measurements and carrying out channel modelling. Radio propagation models facilitate research on future systems and testing of future communication devices. Future communication networks aim at higher data rates than current systems to enable novel applications.

The projects that have received funding at the University of Oulu are:

Amplifying the atmospheric science impact of rare ultra-brilliant synchrotron light experiments with novel AI methods (BRILLIANT-AI) / Consortium: BRILLIANT-AI (Nønne Prisle)

Carbon-water interactions in a changing Arctic catchment / Consortium: CWI (Marttila Hannu)

Carbon-water interactions in a changing Arctic catchment / Consortium: CWI (Jeffrey Welker)

Combined Ion Exchange-Reduction Process for the Elimination of Fluorinated Contaminants in Waters (Tiina Leiviskä)

Euclid Cosmology Mission - Mapping the dark universe / Consortium: ECFI (Aku Venhola)

Ionosphere-thermosphere response to Space Weather Events (INTERSECT) / Consortium: INTERSECT (Anita Aikio)

LiBERATE: Liquid-based Reconfigurable Antenna and Reflector Technologies for Sub-TeraHertz 6G Communication (Jack Soh)

Multimodal Fusion based Anomaly Detection for Improving Microservice-based System / Consortium: MuFAno (Mika Mäntylä)

Multipath Structure Characterization of above 100 GHz Radio Propagation Channel (Pekka Kyösti)

Optical dimension of NMR spectroscopy (Od-NMR) (Anu Kantola)

Persuasive digital health interventions: Software features as key predictors for successful prevention and treatment of overweight, obesity, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases (Harri Oinas-Kukkonen)

Regulating future AI systems - enabling future AI innovation through an increased level of legal certainty in technology neutral regulation (AI-REG) (Karin Väyrynen)

Sharpening the image of the interplay between cloud top dynamics and microphysics / Consortium: SHARPCLOUD (Anssi Mäkynen)

Socially sustainable design and making of digital technologies through value co-creation approach - making sense of technology protagonism (Marianne Kinnula)

Ultra-cyberPhysical system for tRuly wIrelesS chargING (UPRISING) (Onel López)

Read more in the Academy of Finland's press release from this link.

Last updated: 21.6.2022