New Electronics and Optics Manufactured Utilizing the Printing Processes

Printed solar panels are no longer just an utopia - Optoelectronics devices and components (e.g. solar panels, memristors, or lenses) manufactured by utilizing screen printing and inkjet printing processes.

Screen printing and Inkjet printing processes can be utilized to manufacture novel optics and electronics components and systems. Printing methods enable fast, large-scale and environmentally sustainable manufacturing for example of Pervoskite solar panels. Such solar panels are beneficial in terms of its flexibility and its thin geometry allowing their integration inside windows and other structural elements of buildings forming large energy harvesting systems (See video at YLE Areena). In addition, printing can be utilized for manufacturing memristor structures or lens systems and, it is replacing a lot of expensive materials and reducing waste (Issue also covered at Tekniikka ja Talous).

Originally released: 30.3.2021

Last updated: 3.12.2021