A new international master's degree programme in sustainable mining is starting

At the University of Oulu, a new master's degree programme in sustainable mining starts this fall. The education is international: the students come from 11 countries and the education is given in cooperation by four universities from different countries. In education, students complete a joint master's degree between universities.
Uuden kestävän kaivostoiminnan maisterikoulutuksen opiskelijaryhmä

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Sustainable Mineral ja Metal Processing Engineering (Promise) -programme is focusing on beneficiation technology for sustainable mining. It has received funding from the European Union's Erasmus+ Mundus programme. This is the first education coordinated by the University of Oulu funded by Mundus programme. Other key partner universities are the University of Leoben, Austria, the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile.

"Our master's programme delightfully received about 200 applications, although it is organized for the first time. This means that the programme is clearly of interest. 21 students are now starting their studies," says Professor Saija Luukkanen from the University of Oulu's mining research unit Oulu Mining School.

With the now starting Erasmus+ Mundus funding, new students will be admitted to the programme four times. However, according to Luukkanen, the intention is to continue the programme several years.

Studies at partner universities

Students of the two-year master's programme will study the first semester, i.e. autumn 2022, at the University of Oulu, the spring semester 2023 at the University of Leoben in Austria, and the autumn semester 2023 at the University of Zagreb in Croatia or at Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria in Chile.

During the fourth semester, i.e. spring 2024, they are supposed to do their thesis in the companies and other partner institutions participating in the master's programme. 23 mining companies and seven research institutes or universities are partners in the programme.

Among other things, the programme provides comprehensive introduction to modern mining and beneficiation processes as well as environmental issues related to mining, their solution possibilities and the circular economy.

Those selected for the master's programme have successfully completed a bachelor's degree in the applicable fields, for example enrichment, chemical or process engineering.

Oulu Mining School has already educated international students in the Mineral resources and sustainable mining master's programme since 2018. The programme has geosciences and mining and concentration technology study lines. This year, a new arctic mineral resources direction has been added to the programme. It is coordinated by Luleå University of Technology (LTU). In addition to the University of Oulu, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is a partner. In the programme, students complete a double degree.

Last updated: 6.9.2022