New Peppi version is ready to use - get familiar with the new functionalities

The University of Oulu's Peppi system has been updated to version 4.7.2, which includes technical fixes for previously identified issues and error situations. The new version also includes new functionality enhancements aimed at improving usability, which are presented in more detail below.

We are continuously developing Peppi in the future as well. The next planned version update for Peppi is scheduled for autumn 2024. Peppi is developed with a user-centric approach, and we gladly welcome feedback at

New functionalities and fixes for the Student’s desktop

  • On the Enrolments tab of the student's PSP, two parts are added to the Enrolments section: "Enrolments: Upcoming and active implementations "and "Enrolments: Past implementations". Columns for implementation validity period has been added to the sections.
  • On the Selecting studies tab of the student's PSP, the “Delete alternative course” button has been fixed to work properly.
  • The visibility of the scroll bar at the bottom of the Scheduling tab in the PSP has been fixed. The scroll bar is now visible immediately upon switching to the tab.
  • Enrolment in an implementation is no longer prevented due to a previously failed grade or a rejected enrolment for an equivalent study unit's implementation.
Last updated: 7.5.2024