New student members to University Collegium

At its meeting on 18 December 2020, the University Collegium has determined the composition of the Collegium’s student group for the period 2020–2021 in accordance with the election of the Student Union Representative Council.

The members of the Collegium belonging to the group are:

  • Teemu Virtanen (personal deputy Eevasisko Mehtätalo
  • Erno Oikarinen, student (personal deputy Petteri Hollanti)
  • Zacharias Hellberg (personal deputy Nuuti Vasari)
  • Tapani Laine (personal deputy Benjamin Michelin)
  • Maria Anca Catana (personal deputy Jukka Turunen)
  • Miriam Putula (personal deputy Annakaisa Tikkinen)
  • Lauri Koskela (personal deputy Anni Vakkuri)

The University Collegium decides, for example, on the size of the Board and the duration of its term and the terms of its members. The Collegium also approves of the annual accounts and the annual report.The University Collegium has 24 members with personal deputies. Of the members of the University Collegium, 10 represent professors, 7 other teachers, researchers and other staff, and 7 students.

Last updated: 25.3.2021