New tenure track position in Reduction Metallurgy Chemistry opened

H2FUTURE is a research programme at the University of Oulu supported by the Academy of Finland PROFI7 funding (2023-2028). The H2FUTURE programme aims to find new and creative solutions for clean hydrogen production using direct sunlight-driven photocatalytic water splitting and the scale-up of catalytic methane pyrolysis technology with tailored nanocarbon side stream production.

Moreover, H2FUTURE will work to develop methods for the fossil-free hydrogen reduction of iron ores, with a focus on novel hydrogen embrittlement resistant tough steels with increased durability for lightweight applications. Altogether, H2FUTURE will establish a transdisciplinary research ecosystem focusing on high-level fundamental research and, together with its collaborators, cover the path from hydrogen production to transport, storage, and end-use in steel applications.

University of Oulu is looking for talented individuals to join our team and help drive the H2FUTURE program forward. As part of recruitment program new tenure track position in Reduction Metallurgy Chemistry is opened (Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor or Full Professor in Reduction Metallurgy Chemistry (

Last updated: 7.3.2023