North2north exchange applications to Canada open 18.1-6.2.2023!

Call for exchange applications to north2north exchange in Canada is open until 6th February!

Call for exchange applications to University of the Arctic north2north network exchanges in Canada are open. The Call is open from Wed, Jan 18th to Mon, Feb 6th, 2023 at 23.59.

The destinations available for north2north exchange in academic year 2023-24 are:

University of Saskatchewan, Canada (1 place)

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada (1 place)

Time of exchange is either in Autumn 2023 or Spring 2024. One student place is always one semester. During their studies at University of Oulu, students can be selected to each exchange programme once.

The online application and required application enclosures are submitted through the University of Oulu SoleMOVE online system. Students log in to SoleMOVE with their University of Oulu personal account. Late applications will not be considered.

Info sessions on the call for exchange

For further information

Requirements and guidelines on how to apply

Call for applications is open for all students studying for their Bachelor or Master’s degree at the University of Oulu. Note that the available destination universities may not have studies for all fields. Check restrictions of courses for exchange students also from the host university website. Students are expected to get full recognition for the studies completed during exchange. Therefore it is important to make sure that the host university where you want to apply organizes courses relevant to your degree at the University of Oulu.

A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required from all applicants.

Applicants must have completed at least approx. 45cr of studies at the University of Oulu at the time of application. Master’s level students: please present your Bachelor degree transcript in the application if you have not completed your Bachelor degree at University of Oulu.

You can apply to both of the host institutions with one application.

Language requirements for selected students may differ according to exchange destination. North2north coordinator will give you information about possible need for language tests after you have been selected.

Required application enclosures

Required attachments that are to be either scanned and/or uploaded in the system. Only Word or pdf formats are accepted:

1. Study Plan: (scanned document)

Make a study plan for all your choices. Familiarise yourself with the host university’s study guide(s) on their website. If no study guides are available for the desired exchange period, please finalise your study plan according to ongoing semester. Select approximately five courses for your study plan and list them all in one A4 sheet (name, code and description of the course). Ask your Faculty International Coordinator, study adviser, amanuensis or professor to check, approve and sign your study plan. The person signing your study plan should be someone responsible for giving a statement of recognition of studies abroad. All studies completed during the exchange are to be recognised towards your degree at the University of Oulu.

2. Transcript of Records: (scanned document)

An official Transcript of Records in English which shows the average grade of your studies. You need an average grade of 3.0 or higher in order to be selected. The transcript with an average grade is available from Peppi and you can download the transcript yourself. Login into Peppi and download your transcript from Atomi.

3. Upper secondary school certificate or equivalent (scanned document) which shows the student’s English language grade

English language skills are evaluated through a language certificate. Attach a upper secondary school certificate (lukion päättötodistus) or other official language certificate. If you feel the upper secondary school certificate does not reflect your current language skills make sure you attach another language certificate in addition to the upper secondary school certificate, for example one provided by our University’s languages and communication unit. Note that all documents need to be in one file, preferably in pdf-format.

4. Motivation Letter in English

In the motivation letter you must state why you want to study abroad and how you think the studies in the chosen destination(s) will advance your personal career or study plan. You should also reflect these to the aims of the north2north programme. You can find more specific instructions here:

Maximum length: 400 words. You can find a lot of guidelines on how to write a Motivation letter on the internet. The letter is to be addressed to University of Oulu exchange team.

Selection process

Exchange student selections are made based on

Interviews may also be held for the applicants, depending on the amount of applicants, and if held, will also affect the decision.

Cancellations in previous Calls for Applications may weaken the possibilities in the application process. Selections are made by the north2north-coordinator of University of Oulu together with members from International Mobility Services team and faculties. All applicants are informed about the selections latest by Monday, February 20th.

When a selected candidate has confirmed his/her selection in SoleMOVE, the application process continues according to host universities’ application process. The final decision is always made by the host university. If a candidate from the University of Oulu withdraws from the host university’s application process without a good reason (medical reasons or equivalent), Academic affairs charges a Cancellation Fee of 200 €.

North2north grant

Students selected for north2north exchange receive a north2north grant. The amount of the grant for academic year 2023-24 is not known yet, but the grant has typically been 1500-2000 EUR.

Academic Affairs reserves the right to changes.

Last updated: 18.1.2023