Open PhD Student Positions related to Materials in Circular Economy: Inorganic Side Streams and Lignocelluloses in the I4WORLD Programme

The Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit conducts research on materials of the circular economy, and offers topics related to inorganic side streams and lignocellulose materials within the I4WORLD Programme, an international, unique doctoral programme at the University of Oulu combining sustainable development and advanced imaging and characterisation methods. The Programme invites highly motivated and talented candidates for 25 four-year doctoral researcher positions for 2023–2027 at the University of Oulu.

The I4WORLD programme, co-funded by the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie-Action COFUND of the EU funding programme Horizon Europe, trains future research and innovation leaders for the global challenges of sustainability transition in four research themes: Good Health and Wellbeing, Affordable and Clean Energy, Sustainable Industries and Production and Clean Water, Biodiversity, and Environment.

Examples of the project topics provided by the Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit:

Sustainable Industries and Production

  • Advanced surface modification and characterization of low-CO2 steel slag cements
  • Carbon utilization in concrete by catalyzing synergistic reactions
  • NMR analysis of green solvent systems exploited in sustainable processing of lignocellulosic side streams
  • Stabilization and solidification of sulfidic mine tailings towards sustainable super sulphated cement
  • Towards zero-carbon concrete

Clean Water, Biodiversity and Environment

  • Alternative raw materials for environmental catalysts
  • Development of novel geopolymer-composite adsorbents for water treatment

The Call for applications was opened on November 1st 2022 and closes on January 31st 2023. Candidates must meet the MSCA criteria (in addition to the minimum requirements of the University of Oulu Graduate School). More information can be found on the programme’s website.

We’d like to encourage all eligible and enthusiastic candidates to apply and come work with us to build a more sustainable future!

Please contact the responsible supervisor of the topics to obtain more detailed information:

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Last updated: 7.12.2022