OpenVPN's user specific profiles expire — check yours!

The OpenVPN Connect client need a user specific eduvpn profile to work. The profile is valid for two (2) years. Once the profile has expired, the OpenVPN client will no longer open the connection, but will issue an error message “Authentication Failed”.

To avoid an error situation, check when you created your personal profile. Most created it two years ago when they were beginning a remote studying.

The creation date appears in the profile name which you see when opening OpenVPN Connect. See how to check VPN profile validity.

Create a new profile no later than when its age approaches two years:

  • Create the profile in the service, which you can access via e-Identification.
  • After creating a new profile, bring it to OpenVPN client on your computer.
  • Remove old eduvpn-profiles from both the service and the OpenVPN client.

Instructions: Eduvpn profile creating (UO) (

Last updated: 1.3.2022