Opportunity to have ones portrait taken in Conferment Banquet and Ball

Portrait Photoshoot on Saturday 28th of May starting at 23.00.


The PORTRAITS of the doctors as well as the important events of the promotional weekend will be captured on camera by the local photography establishment, Studio P.S.V.

The portraits will be taken on Saturday at the University during the evening gala. There will be a studio setup at the space with the glass walls located on the route between the restaurant and dance floor.

You can have yourself photographed with and/or without your companion. The photographer taking the pictures will be Reijo Koirikivi, a two-time recipient of the Portrait Photographer of the Year- award.

When: starting at eleven o´clock in the evening

Where: in glass-walled room at the old part of the University, next to the orange coat rack.

The price: 50 euros, including the photoshoot and an online preview of the pictures. The pictures ordered will be priced according to their size, framing and other factors. The prices start from 13 euros, for the full catalogue please visit: https://studiopsv.fi/kuvatuotteet/

Please arrive to the photoshoot as swiftly as possible, so we can shoot as many portraits as possible before the end of the gala.

The accepted means of payment:

  • a bank or credit card (remember to bring it with you to the shoot!)
  • cash (only even amounts!)
  • an invoice (with a processing fee of 7 euros)

Everyone who has their portrait taken will receive preview versions of the pictures at the OmaPSV -website. A link to the website and your personal username and password will be sent to you via email. The pictures taken of the ceremonies such as the sword sharpening and other events will be uploaded to a cloud service from where they can be downloaded. The link to said cloud service will be sent to you later.

We wish you a glamorous and fun weekend of festivities! Yours sincerely,

The Studio P.S.V. team

Studio P.S.V.

Kajaaninkatu 11 90100 Oulu (08) 379 289 palvelu@studiopsv.fi www.studiopsv.fi

Last updated: 12.5.2022