Opportunity for health tech companies to learn about Inclusive Design and Human-Computer Interaction

Opportunity to learn about Inclusive Design and Human-Computer Interaction from top-scientists only for 2-4 health tech companies!

We would like to invite you to a course on Human-Computer Interaction: Toward an inclusive digital society. The course will take place on the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th of March 2023 at the University of Oulu. The course consists of 27 hours of content, including 12 hours of lecturing/seminar, 12 hours of practice/workshop, and 3 hours of supervision/support. It will be taught by Vasiliki Mylonopoulou, a senior lecturer at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Now there is a possibility to enter this course—or parts of it-- free of charge for 2-4 companies

  • Participants will learn about the basics of HCI, matters of diversity and inclusion in the design of digital technologies for health and wellbeing, and inclusion in data and its impact on digital technologies for health and wellbeing.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to engage in design workshops and discussions
  • Participants will be introduced to ongoing research as well as future experts in the field.

We would like to inform you that through this course, one European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) service is being piloted, and for this reason, participation is free (HealthHub Finland EDIH “Training and skills development” market price for this course is 2580 € per customer). The participating company is only required to commit to completing an EU tool for digital maturity assessment.

If you are interested as a company participant, please contact Kaisa Still at kaisa.still(at)oulu.fi by the 24th of February 2023. More information about this course can be found on this link.

Last updated: 20.2.2023