Peppi opens 22 November 2021 at 12!

Long anticipated Peppi will open next week, on Monday 22nd of November 2021 at 12 o’clock. You can login to Peppi when it opens from:

Peppi is a modern tool that has many new functions and add-on services making everyday life easier for both personnel and students. There won’t anymore be several different systems and applications as Peppi combines them under the same service.

Although Oodi is now closed, WebOodi’s read-only mode will open on 17th of November. The read-only mode is available till the 1st of November 2022.

Peppi user guides for students

Students will get access to written and graphic Peppi guides and videos. The guides will be added and updated during transitional period. Link to student guides will be available on Peppi front page when Peppi opens on 22nd of November.

Student desktop

Student will get access to student’s desktop in Peppi. With the help of the student's desktop, the student can e.g., plan their studies, track their study progress, enroll in teaching and exams and provide feedback. In Peppi each study right has an individual study right number.

The student’s desktop contains e.g., the following services:

  • Opportunity to view and update personal information and study right information
  • Annual registration information
  • Personal study plan, PSP: selection of courses and timing of the studies
  • Agreements/Contract bank, through which students can communicate with their supervisor and teachers about matters related to studies, e.g agreements related to the completion of studies or recognition of prior learning
  • Applications for approval and exemptions
  • Review of own study results
  • Searching for and reviewing course implementations (courses), registering for course implementations
  • Reservations for teaching facilities
  • Registration for general exams
  • Course feedback
  • Graduation requests and other activities related to graduation
  • Ordering digital signed documents, such as a study certificate and a transcript of records
  • In addition, the student’s desktop will list important weblinks that students need
Last updated: 15.11.2021