Peppi service brake is continued over weekend

Critical deficiencies have been discovered during the version release, which is why we have decided it is best to postpone the opening of university Peppi until Monday morning, June 12th. We will provide further information about the version release tomorrow on Friday. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The University of Oulu's Peppi will undergo a version update. During the service break, Peppi's desktops and the Study Guide are not in use and Peppi cannot be logged into. Tuudo is in use during the service break.

During the service break, Peppi will be updated from version 3.0.1 to version 4.4.2. In the version update, in addition to accessibility and fixes to existing functionalities, Peppi will have some new functionalities. We will provide comprehensive information about the effects of the version update and the new functionalities later in the Univeristy's website and in Tuudo.

Tuudo's information, including schedule, study information and student card, are available during the service break. For the duration of the break, the data before the break is stored in Tuudo for viewing, i.e. the data is not updated during the service break.

The Peppi Study Guide is not available during the break.

The Electronic Examination system (EXAM) is in use as usual. You can enroll to and take electronic exams in the EXAM system according to the instructions.

Short service breaks are also possible after the planned service break. Information about Peppi’s service breaks can be found on the Peppi frontpage of the University's website, to which the user is redirected after a login attempt during the service break. Tuudo also works during other possible service breaks.

Last updated: 8.6.2023