Play “The Lone Wolf” science-based board game at your school in the Autumn 2024 – to raise awareness about large carnivores and explore young people’s opinions about nature

Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure with a science-based board game that communicates the importance of wildlife and biodiversity to everyone, especially younger generations. The game is a key part of a research study aiming to assess its effectiveness in nature education, and to gauge 5th -9th grade pupils’ opinions on nature and large carnivores with questionnaires before and after the game. 
A colourful boardgame

“The Lone Wolf” board game, developed by researchers at the University of Oulu, had its exciting debut on May 2024, at Ylikiiminki school (Kaleva: Pupils were allowed to howl!). Now we invite schools across Finland to join the project by borrowing the game free of charge and playing it between August and December 2024.

This is a fantastic opportunity to engage with innovative research and have a chance to play a newly developed board game. Teachers and schools interested in participating can reach out to us via email on the project website or via our media channels (Facebook, Instagram, see below). We will provide the detailed information and logistics you need to get started. The game is sent to schools for borrowing and returned to the researchers after the game period.

Don’t miss out on this amazing adventure!

“The Lone Wolf” board game

The main character of the game is a young wolf that travels through a Finnish landscape and experiences valuable life lessons. The grey wolf (Canis lupus) has been chosen as the main character of the game because of its importance for biodiversity and the healthy functioning of the ecosystem. However, as large carnivores and top predators, wolves face divergent attitudes around the world. The game is created with scientific evidence to show the complicated relationship between humans and wolves and the challenges that wolves endure in the wild these days.

“The Lone Wolf” board game was developed by two Doctoral Researchers, Ekaterina Karabanina and Dominika Bujnakova from the University of Oulu, and illustrated by Anna Pankratova, an artist known for children books' artwork.

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Students around a table
The Lone Wolf board game was played at Ylikiiminki school in May 2024, Photo Dominika Bujnakova
Last updated: 18.6.2024