Professor Heli Jantunen Awarded Yushan Scholar in Taiwan

Heli Jantunen, the receiver of 2019 Finnish Science Award, was awarded Yushan Scholar by the Ministry of Education (MOE), ROC Taiwan. Professor Heli Jantunen is a current Head of the Microelectronics Research Unit at the University of Oulu. Her works on ultra-low temperature co-firing ceramics in particular have received world-renowned recognition.

“This is a relevant award. I have had a long research relationship with Taiwanese universities for almost 20 years. We have focused on strengthening joint research in both countries. This award shows that collaboration with top researchers has been rewarding and important to all of us. The award will enable several visits in the future as well”, Heli Jantunen greets.

Yushan, which refers to Mount Jade in Chinese, is the highest mountain in Taiwan (3,952 m) and also the highest peak in the western Pacific region. The Yushan Scholar Program, initiated by the MOE of Taiwan in 2018, aim at encouraging universities to recruit top international scholars to promote the quality of Taiwan’s higher education as well as to raise its global academic profile. Full-time faculties who meet MOE criteria will receive additional funding beyond their university salaries and benefits. By receiving this award, professor Heli Jantunen will participate in a 3-year short-term exchange program between the years of 2020 to 2023 at National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech).

“Professor Heli Jantunen of University of Oulu, who specializes in electronic materials, holds 76 patents and has published over 250 journal papers, many of them in the fields of ultra-low temperature co-firing ceramics, is an International Chair Professor here at Taipei Tech. Her expertise will help Taipei Tech to enhance cooperation with the telecommunication industry and further develop cutting-edge devices for the next generation.”, says Taipei Tech President Sea-Fue Wang.

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Last updated: 18.8.2021