Pulse Secure VPN will be out of service after January

Pulse Secure is one of the University of Oulu VPN services, which enable a secure connection to the university's network from outside the university. Pulse Secure VPN services can no longer be used after January 2023.

The services that will end in January are the VPN portal at https://sa.oulu.fi and the Pulse Client application.

In the future, you can use a secure VPN connection through a client application installed on your device. FortiClient is recommended for staff use and OpenVPN is recommended for students. For the use of OpenVPN, you need a personal eduvpn profile file, which you can create after your identity and the licence to use the university services have been verified by the Suomi.fi identification service.

EDIT 11.1.2023: A new portal has been introduced to replace the old VPN portal. It allows students to use Terveysportti and Oppiportti services by the web browser. The staff will be able to access Lippu remote desktop via the portal. The link to the new VPN portal is https://vpn.oulu.fi.

More information and the instructions:

Last updated: 11.1.2023