The ranking of the University of Oulu significantly increased in the QS World University Rankings

This year the QS World University Rankings listed almost 1500 universities considered to be the best in the world.

The University of Oulu significantly improved its ranking in this year's comparison, reaching the 313th position. In 2022, we were ranked 392nd, so our ranking improved significantly. The university is now placed in the top 21% of evaluated universities (2022: 27.6%).

The QS University Rankings emphasises the university's reputation, number of citations, teachers-to-students ratio, international staff ratio and international student ratio. The reputation studies are important in the QS Rankings and based on surveys of researchers and employers.

This year, the QS World University Rankings introduced new indicators in which the University of Oulu performed exceptionally well. The new indicators measure the university's sustainability, international research networks, and employment outcomes.

Last updated: 28.6.2023