Renewed For Student pages launched

The University of Oulu is renewing web service. For Students pages will move to a new platform at the beginning of week 13. You can find the contents from the familiar web address at 

With the renewal of the website platform, the university's web service aims to better meet the needs of students, including increased mobile usage and by taking into account EU accessibility requirements. Also, the changes in layout will improve the accessibility of the content.

As a new element, an event calendar will be added to the For Students page. In addition, news, degree-specific news, events and other current content will be raised to the top of the front page.

Development work continues

The University of Oulu will continue the development work of the service. During this spring, the search functionality will be implemented for the service.

Content in the service will be moved to the new platform in stages. In February 2021, the new front page and the content of the main sections Research, Cooperation and University were launched. The new and old websites will be in parallel for some time to enable transfer of content to the new web service as sensible entities.

Do you have some development ideas or questions, or did you notice a technical problem? Please contact us at

Last updated: 24.3.2021