Saving practices of Teams meetings will change

Microsoft will change the location of Teams meetings recordings on the O365 service in August. Before the change, the meeting recordings are saved in Microsoft Stream and they will remain on Stream. After the alteration, the location of Teams meeting recordings is determined by the type of meeting or by the person who initiated the recording so that the scheduled channel meetings of the team will be saved in the team’s SharePoint and other meetings will be stored in the OneDrive Business folder of the person who started the recording.

Microsoft will begin the alteration roll-out for its customers starting August 16, 2021. It is impossible to say the exact date for the change in the university’s O365 service, but it is likely to take effect by the end of August.

Channel meetings

A channel meeting is a Teams meeting for members of a particular team, which is always scheduled in Teams either on channel (Meet) or in the Teams' calendar by adding a certain team channel to the meeting information.

If the channel meeting is recorded, the meeting recording will be stored under the Team’s SharePoint document library in a Recordings folder under a folder named after the channel (Team Name - Channel Name/Documents/Recordings).

  • The meeting recording link will appear on the team's channel discussion.
  • All team members automatically have permission to view recordings of channel meetings.
  • The recording initiator automatically has editing permission and other team members' permissions are inherited according to team memberships and are usually the same as for other team files.

Other Teams meetings

Other meetings include:

  • adhoc meetings
  • such meetings which are scheduled in Outlook or Teams but are not pointed to any channel
  • 1:1 calls or group calls initiated through Teams chat.

If these meetings are recorded, they will be stored in Recordings folder in OneDrive for Business of the person who clicked Start recording button (the recorder's OneDrive for Business/Recordings).

  • The meeting recording link will appear in the meeting chat.
  • All members of the organization invited to the meeting automatically have permission to view recording of the meeting.
  • External users will need to be explicitly added to the shared list by the meeting organizer or the person that clicked the record button. Permission is shared the same way as for other OneDrive files.
  • The meeting organizer and the recorder have the right to edit and share the recording.

More information on Microsoft’s page: Record a meeting in Teams

Last updated: 6.8.2021