Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) visited Hybrid Intelligence research programme in Oulu to kick off the collaboration

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) visited Hybrid Intelligence research programme in Oulu for the firts time to get to know our reserach group and kick off the collaboration.
Scientific Advisory Board and Hybrid Intelligence research group in the Scientific Garden of University of Oulu

Hybrid Intelligence research programme at the University of Oulu had the most special visit in the history of the programme when our international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) were our guests for about a week in the end of May. All the SAB members were present: Carolyn Rose, Nicu Sebe, Nikol Rummel, Kaisa Väänänen, Hirokazu Kato.

We reviewed the plan and key scientific and strategic objectives of the HI research program, and in this regard, written feedback is requested from the SAB. Work was done in the hot Finnish spring, also in the natural environment of Koitelinkoski.

The HI programme received valuable feedback on the program's objectives from top researchers in various fields. HI information was shared with the Oulu scientific community at the opening of the HI Lights seminar series in the TellUs environment. The SAB will provide written feedback on the HI program's objectives. The collaboration will continue with regular meetings over the next five years.

The entire HI group, which now also includes the new HI tenures, met with the SAB members. Our group is bigger than ever: Sanna Järvelä, Guoying Zhao, Hanna Järvenoja, Janne Heikkilä, Kristina Mikkonen, Satu Kaleva, Andy Nguyen, Haoyu Chen, Juho Kannala, Susanne Uusitalo, Yoon Lee were present.

The strength of the Hybrid Intelligence program is its multidisciplinarity, but building multidisciplinary cooperation also requires special investments. The themes of the program are very timely and central from the perspective of research and development in education and healthcare. SAB members also took part in our first HI Lights seminar in the panel discussion, which was a great way to present our SAB and Hybrid Intelligence research to the whole research community at the University of Oulu.

Last updated: 18.6.2024