Service break in Lipasto network drives during Midsummer

Lipasto file service will be moved during the Midsummer to a new server. Lipasto drives will be out of use during the transfer from Friday, June 25 at 18 until Monday morning, June 28. Also on Monday short breaks may appear.

There are Windows network drives of the staff in Lipasto, but also students may have user rights to some common network shares.

The service break does not apply to O365 service, so it is the best for you to move to OneDrive or Teams beforehand at least those files which you possibly will need during the break.

The university recommends strongly to take OneDrive for Business as a primary storage space (5 TB) for files instead of the K network drive. Use the K drive only as a saving place for data which has to be especially protected. You can share OneDrive’s files, if necessary, and so work in real time with others.

The university also recommends to use Teams as a common storage space for teams instead of the network drives S and Y. In Teams, the files and the discussions are saved in the same teamwork space in accordance with the subject and the files can be simultaneously edited by several users.

You can use the files in OneDrive and Teams on all your IT devices which are in Internet connection. The network drives of the university are available only in the network of the campus or with the VPN connection.

Last updated: 17.6.2021